0.0054 too much

0.54 percent. Negligible, in most contexts. Any number that leads with a zero is practically doomed to be lost in the pool of insignificance. And is that a bad thing? No, not usually. Our mind cannot possibly retain every number that we read, every detail that we hear, every graphic that we observe. If we did, those numbers, those details, and those graphics would all be shoved in the corners of our brain, reduced because of their lack of abnormality. So either way, 0.54 gets registered as worthless.

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Art Beyond Technique


A year ago, walking into the modern art exhibit of a museum, I would have come across a solid-colored canvas with a few random-looking brush strokes and thought snootily to myself, I can’t believe this is considered art. Even now, it is difficult for me to call what looks like a venerated sheet of paper “fine art.” There’s no composition; there’s no technique. It doesn’t make sense.

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Our Indecisiveness is Decisive for the Environment

Everyone loves the environment. How could you not? Flowers fill the air with beautiful fragrance, until they have you sneezing because of seasonal allergies. Trees guard your yard, except when the branches interfere with your driveway. And wild animals are extraordinary to behold, until they are howling unrelentingly in the middle of the night.

Sure, everyone cares about the environment – until the cost of protecting it is outweighed by inconvenience.   

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There goes the sun (dun dun dun dun)

switch-colorLet’s pretend you ask a classmate for scratch paper to take notes, but rather than giving you that new, fresh sheet you expected, your classmate hands you a piece of paper full of random pencil marks and drawings

You grab an eraser and vigorously rub at it until either your hand is unbearably sore or you have withered a hole straight through the page. But no matter how hard you try, the pencil marks just won’t go away.

This is the predicament we have handed to Earth – only on a much larger, more serious scale. Unknowingly, we have let light pollution smudge the atmosphere, and this damage is not easily erasable.
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Gratitude shouldn’t expire


A group of family and friends gather together on Thanksgiving Day, excitedly waiting to satisfy their hunger with the delectable treat they spent days preparing for. One member stretches their hand to the handle of the silver platter, slowly unveils the lid, and what do they find? – a pile of freshly stacked magazines for discounts 50 percent off!

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Multilingualism Broadens Minds

For many students, learning a second language is nothing more than a worthless requirement that will be entirely forgotten after they graduate from high school. Even prominent secondary languages in the US – such as Spanish, which is spoken by over 18 percent of the population – are neglected under the presumption that English is the only language that will be relevant in a student’s future.

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