“Necking” Takes on a New Meaning

If you grew up in the 1900s, you might have thought of “necking” as a sign of affection between romantic lovers. In the 21st century, however, all it takes is two friends and some thick skin.

In contrast to the traditional definition of caressing another human, necking can refer to slapping someone on the back of the neck.

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Sexual Harassment Leaves Lingering Effects


At 11 years old, a young girl was verbally harassed on her bus ride to school.

Eleven years later, the offense escalated. The young woman was on a work trip when her boss approached her, making several unwanted sexual advances towards her.

And now, several years later, the lingering memories of both minor and major incidents haven’t disappeared.

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Is Ebola Coming Here?


On Sept. 20, 2014, Thomas Duncan arrived into the United States to visit his family, but it wasn’t until Sept. 28 that he was put into isolation at the Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas for being diagnosed with the fatal virus Ebola. Since Duncan’s diagnosis, several more people within the U.S. have been identified with having Ebola, including Nina Pham, a nurse, Amber Vinson, a nurse, Kent Brantly, a physician, Nancy Writebol, Rick Sacra, Ashoka Mukpo and, most recently, Craig Spencer, a physician.

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