My name is Carissa Lewis. I am a student at the University of California, Berkeley. I will be posting published articles, newspaper design, digital artwork and photography.

Much of my initial work comes from my time on staff for The Granite Bay Gazette. My interest in journalism started during my freshman year of high school. Since then, my passion for writing has developed, and I have won awards in writing, editing and photography. I have had experience as a staff writer, feature editor, photo editor and co-editor-in-chief.

In my freshman year of college, I joined the magazine Caliber as a photographer. Since then, although I still love writing, my attention has shifted more towards photography.

In addition to my work on the newspaper and magazine, I have written stories and conducted photoshoots with friends. Wherever I go, my computer and camera come with me.

Feel free to explore my site and view both my published and informal creations.